Heat Pump Versatility

Heat Pumps have the distinct ability to be either a heat source, or an air conditioner that controls the comfort of your home.

By using whatever heat is already being generated by a source,  a heat pump has very little work to do, driving down the typical cost to condition a space.

How A Heat Pump System Works

Heat Pumps offer an energy-efficient method for either heating your home during the colder months, or cooling your house down during the warmer months. Heat pumps don’t actually generate heat like most other heating methods, instead they move heat from one area to another. Because they move heat, heat pump systems can heat or cool a space at a much lower cost than methods that need to generate heat.

The most common type of heat pump system is an air-source heat pump which transfers heat between your house and the outside air. Even when the outside temperature seems too cold, heat energy is still present in the air. A heat pump is able to extract that energy and transfer it inside. During warmer months when you want to cool a space down, a heat pump can reverse the direction and transfer the heat outside, acting as an air conditioner. 

Don’t have ductwork? No Problem…

There is also a ductless version available for homes without existing ductwork, called a mini-split heat pump.

If you’re ready to drop your home’s heating and cooling costs and enjoy a more efficient solution , call Barnaby Heating and Air for expert heat pump installation in Rowlett, TX.

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I just wanted to let you know how pleased Sylvia and I are with our Amana heating and cooling units…. As part for our heating and cooling upgrade, we also had a radiant barrier installed. As a result, our electric averaged $211.91 per month for the first year. Before the upgrades, our electric bill for the previous 12 months averaged $447.53 per month.

GLENN MCGOWEN • New Installation

If I have a problem with my heating or air conditioning system, my first and only call is to Barnaby Heating & Air. They are pros at what they do and stand by their work. As a consumer, they have earned my trust with their commitment to fix the problem and deliver great customer service.


I wanted to mention what a fantastic experience I had with your professional and timely services. Thank you very much!”

G. COLLINS • Satisfied Customer

I called Barnaby Heating & Air because the original AC Unit (11 years old) at my house was giving me problems and not cooling the house when we returned from vacation and it was 95 degrees outside and 89 inside.  I called at 8:00 the next morning and made the appointment  for 11:00 to12:30 and Charles the owner and his helper were at the house at 10:45.  

They were very courteous and professional and they were able to get the unit up and running in about 30 minutes…

  I would highly recommend Barnaby Heating & Cooling if you want punctual, courteous and professional Heating and Air Services!”

SCOTT S. • Sache

I have used Barnaby Heating and A/C on numerous occasions. I first used them on a Rental Trailer I own and Charlie was the only person I contacted who would work on a Coleman unit. He has done everything to this unit to practically rebuild it. I have used them on a couple of other rentals I own and on my personal HVAC unit. My family have used them as well.

All in all Charlie is very personable, knowledgeable and responds very quickly. In addition, he is very fair on his prices. I would recommend him to anyone looking for reliable, honest and fairly priced Heating and air-conditioning work.”

• Satisfied Customer

“Just had new a/c installed in an older 2nd story building and am completely satisfied with the work done and the excellent customer service. Highly recommend this Texas friendly and trustworthy company.”


“Barnaby is fantastic! The crew is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and honest. I highly recommend them!”


This company came recommended by someone in my Neighborhood Nextdoor Ap. I was very pleased with the service… I really feel like he took the time to make sure that I understood everything that had been done, he made sure everything was good inside and out, and he wouldn’t let me purchase more than I needed. After being shafted by other service type companies, I am thankful to Steve and the people at Barnaby’s for restoring my faith in the service industry. I highly recommend this company and will be telling all my friends.


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